Pexels Showcase #1: How Kaique Rocha created an epic photo of the S찾o Paulo cityscape

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Kaique Rocha is a photographer, filmmaker and director based in혻S찾o Paulo, Brazil. In this interview he explains to our community what it takes to create a photo like the one above.

Pexels: What is the story behind this photo?

Kaique Rocha: This photo was shot at Terra챌o Italia, one of the most famous buildings in S찾o Paulo, Brazil. There is a restaurant situated on the terrace level of this building which is only open to customers. Visitors are not allowed. So, I needed to lie to the security to get in saying that I had a reservation at the restaurant. But instead of going to the restaurant I went to a staff only area 4 floors below the restaurant. I knew that I didn?셳 have much time so in less than 5 minutes I took the photo and soon the security staff asked to me leave the building.

Which equipment and which settings did you use? Why did you pick this particular equipment and settings?

I used a Canon 6D with a series L lens 17-40 mm. The settings were
– f/13.0
– 1/50s
– ISO 100.
The aperture was f/13.0 because I needed a wide focus. The shutter / ISO were just used to balance the light.

Did you do any post production and if yes what exactly?

Yes, I did post production. I used Adobe Lightroom and the filter VSCO Cam 02. In addition, I increased the sky saturation. That?셲 everything.

What was the biggest challenge in creating this photo?

Trick the security. =D

What is your advice to anyone trying to recreate such a photo?

I think that you need to try and, most important, you need to be yourself, creating your own style.

About Kaique Rocha

Kaique Rocha is a photographer, filmmaker and director based in혻S찾o Paulo, Brazil. He says: “Work hard in silence, let your success make noise!”

Kaique Rocha

Kaique Rocha

Kaique on the internet

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Instagram: @kaiquesrocha
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