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If you think about our website you hopefully think about nice photos. We assure this high quality of photography with a very strong quality gate, which every free photo on our website has to pass. So only the best stock photos make it to our homepage. In this article we go a step further and present you the best of the best. We will present you our selection of the best photos of 2015 and of course you can use these free photos also in 2016.

How did we select these photos?

Based on the feedback we are getting from you and other users, based on web analytics and social media analysis, we gathered the best photos for several topics.
So we not only looked for the number of downloads, we analyzed the engagement regarding the photo. This means if you use one of the photos in your context (article, website, etc.), it will support the engagement of your content!

What’s the place #1?

In the following chapters we show you the most impressive photos of Pexels. We have chosen three out of our stock and the first one is the ultimate #1 photo of 2015.

People Photography

Facial expressions, vitality, personality: All these topics are coming together, if you take a photo of people. Most of the time there is only a fraction of a second to take a beautiful snapshot.

Nature Photography

The endless beauty of our nature is coming together in these photos with nice views and an incredible shot of a brown bear.

Food Photography

The first food photo is showing you a delicious dinner table and the others the necessary steps to come there with the different ingredients.

HD Wallpaper

A new year brings a new wallpaper? Here are some amazing examples to bring your HD screen to a new look. Try it at your computer or your mobile device.


In the year 2015 we developed new features like the color search, an API and a lot more. Our highlight in 2015 were the user profiles, where you can upload photos. This means Pexels provides exclusively photos which are uploaded by our photographers.
In the past and in the future we will only provide you photos of the CC0 licence, which means you can use the photos wherever you want. It is not necessary to make any attribution, but we are always happy if you do.

Stay tuned

Enjoy Pexels and the best photos of 2015 and stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter.


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